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The scheme of examination of BDS Course shall be divided into four professional examinations, viz, First Professional BDS Examination at the end of 1st academic year, Second Professional BDS at the end of 2nd academic year, Third Professional BDS at the end of 3rd academic year and Final Professional BDS at the end of Final Year.

  1. There shall be an Annual University Examination followed by a Supplementary Examination at the end of each academic year preferably on June in each year. Supplementary Examination shall be held six weeks after publication of the result of the Annual Examination. Candidate will not be allowed to appear in the Supplementary Examination if he does not sit for the Annual Examination. However he may be allowed to appear in the next Annual Examination.
  2. A candidate who fails in the Annual University Examination will provisionally be allowed to attend classes for the next 2nd year/3rd year/final year classes as the case may be.
  3. A candidate who passes all the subjects in the Supplementary Examination will be promoted to the next Professional BDS course along with the regular batch of students for that year.
  4. A candidate who fails to pass all the subjects in the supplementary Examination will loose one academic year and shall have to appear in the next Annual Examination in the subject of failure. Year loss candidate, if desired, may appear Internal Assessment (IA) Examination of the failed subject after foregoing previous IA marks.

The examination shall be open to a candidate who satisfied the requirement of attendance, progress and conduct as stipulated by the university.

Certificate to the above effect should be produced from the Head of the Institution by the candidate along with the application for examination and the prescribed fee.

Internal assessments to be held after the completion of at least 70% of the course and to be sent to the university along with counter signature of the Principal/Head of the Institution.


  1. Written Tests
  2. Practical's
  3. Clinical Examinations
  4. Viva


75% in theory and in practical is mandatory as university regulations.

A Student Officer shall intimate the parents regarding the attendance & performance in the internal assessment exams.