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Kusum Devi Sundarlal Dugar Jain Dental College and Hospital is a unit of Shri SS Jain Sabha, an organization involved in Philanthropic activities for over nine decades.

We have a state-of-the-art institute in the banks of the Ganga, with a lush green campus in the heart of the city. Our college caters to the academic, clinical, residential and recreational requirements of all our students and is a true reflection of our philosophy and belief in the holistic development of all our students. We believe that the best education isn’t limited to class rooms and laboratories. The rich diversity of our student population, the collaborative atmosphere of the institution and the close-knit community around the institution make this an ideal environment for learning in the backdrop of Kolkata, which is a vibrant mix of historic, cultural, intellectual and artistic activity.

Our college is well connected to all major areas within city and in the outskirts via local trains, metro railway, buses, taxis and auto. We have the facility of college buses for students for their travel to medical college and for dental camps.

We have approximately a flow of 150-200 patients daily with 9 specialized departments looking into all kinds of basic and advanced dental treatments including oral prophylaxis, dental extractions, tooth restorations, root canal treatment, dentures, crown and bridge, implants, gingival and maxillofacial surgeries, pediatric dental treatment, orthodontic treatment, biopsies, diagnosis and management of potentially malignant disorders and oral cancers.

The institute is equipped with modern amenities including orthopantamogram for radiograph of maxillofacial region, advanced student laboratories, research microscope, audiovisual systems, E- library for advanced teachings.

We organize and conduct regular dental camps across the city and outskirts to provide dental health care service to people belonging to low socioeconomic strata.

We have a fully functional tobacco cessation center for counseling of patients against tobacco usage and generating awareness about oral cancer by conducting individual and group counseling sessions with modern equipment and audio-visual aids.