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List of Faculty

Dr. Name Designation
Dr. Debojyoti Das, (M.D.S) Professor
Dr. Debojyoti Mazumder, (M.D.S) Reader
Dr. Jagori Sarkar, (M.D.S) Reader
Dr. Namrata Jain, (M.D.S) Reader
Dr. Priyanjit Saha, (M.D.S) Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sriparna Jana, (M.D.S) Senior lecturer
Dr. Suranjita Das, (M.D.S) Senior lecturer
Dr. Annu Singh, (B.D.S) Clinical tutor

Message from HOD

Pain is one of the main reasons the patient comes to us looking for some remedy to relieve it. Some are only concerned with chewing food while most talk about having a beautiful smile. Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics serves with the primary goal of prevention, diagnosis and conservation based treatment of dental caries and other defects of teeth thus aims at increasing the lifespan of the teeth. The conservative dentist will work on the patient; in multiple appointments giving them good esthetics and mastication. It is functioning with a group of faculty members who are experts in dealing with pain management and utilizing the modern facilities to give best treatment to patients. The BDS training work to give rise to new generation of dentists is going hand in hand with the treatment protocols. The future holds a lot of prospects for research work and other advancements in field of the subject. We hope that with the progress in time we can have a team of dental surgeons paving the platform for high technology in restoring a beautiful smile with good occlusion in minimum time possible.

List of treatment offered

The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics deal with the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of dental caries. The following are the work carried out on a daily basis in our department:

  • Restoration of carious teeth with amalgam or composite restorations
  • Restorations of cervical abrasions with Glass Ionomer cement
  • Restoration of attrited teeth, compound or complex cavities by indirect restorations (Inlays and onlays and crown)
  • Root canal treatment in teeth with deep carious lesions
  • Root canal treatment of grossly decayed teeth with more than 50 percent of tooth structure loss by post and core restorations
  • Periapical surgical procedures for teeth with non healing periapical lesions