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List of Faculty

Dr. NameDesignation
Dr. Jayanta Chattopadhyay, MDSPrincipal, Professor & Head
Dr. Rakshith Shetty, MDSProfessor
Dr. Subhalakshmi Sen, MDSReader
Dr. Maumita Bhattacharya, MDSReader
Dr. Surajit Bose, MDS Reader
Dr. Sumantra Banerjee Senior Lecturer

Message from HOD

The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology of Kusum Devi Sunderlal Dugar Jain Dental College & Hospital has been a dynamic unit right from the inception of this college. We believe in the spirit of working as a team and as a family. We are a close knit a group of 6 faculty members, each one different in his/her own right yet complementing one another perfectly well.  We have been striving to improve as a department and incorporate newer teaching methods as well as laboratory and investigative techniques to make the department a state of the art centre.

Being an educational institute our departmental work primarily entails educating students in the subjects of Dental Anatomy, Oral histology and Oral Physiology in 1st year BDS, General Pathology in the 2nd year BDS students and Oral pathology and Forensic Odontology in the 3rd year BDS curriculum. We have technologically advanced teaching aids in our department.  We have installed 16 LED monitors attached with the master research microscope in which are projected real time images of histological and pathological specimens for comprehensive and lucid teaching and learning. We have extremely sophisticated research infrastructure such as a repertoire of microscopes including a penta-head microscope, a research microscope with phase contrast, polarizing and dark field attachments, a stereo microscope, 100 monocular microscopes and many binocular microscopes. Not only have we the amenities for the BDS training program but for MDS course as well.  We have advanced laboratories including a histopathological lab, a pathological lab and an immuno-histochemistry lab  with automatic and semiautomatic machineries for processing of various tissue and blood samples and assessing tissue markers for diagnostic and research work. We are planning for a Forensic Department with affiliation with the Kolkata Police, this being the first of its kind in the whole of West Bengal. 

Furthermore innumerable research activities have been on going in the department such as devising novel diagnostic methods for oral cancer diagnosis, age estimation of individuals from roots of teeth, assessment of sugar levels and vitamin D levels in saliva and correlating with blood levels, etc. Numerous publications have been done by the department over the past few years. Moreover our department has guided many students in their research paper presentations at various State and National level conferences over the past years many of whom have bagged prizes at the events.

Our department is also actively involved in patient care. Our specialty is involved in rendering the final diagnosis of various lesions and diseases of the oral cavity. However we are not only limited to the microscopic study, we have a sound surgical pathology unit where we perform innumerable Incisional and excisional biopsies of soft tissues and hard tissues alike. We have done approximately 500 biopsies so far. Furthermore cytological analysis of various samples is also performed. We have a well equipped blood/pathology collection centre as well where routine and special tests are done at very economical prices for the benefit of the patients from the less endowed sections of society.

We also have undertaken oral cancer screening and awareness programmes as regular intervals for identifying one of the most dreaded diseases which is extremely prevalent in our country. As early diagnosis is the mainstay in treating this sinister disease, these programs are of utmost value to our patients.

Our department continues to better itself and excel in teaching, research activities as well as patient care.  

List of treatment offered

  • Management of lesions and diseases of the oral cavity
  • Management of potentially malignant lesions of oral cavity
  • Incisional and excisional biopsy
  • Final diagnosis with histopathological report
  • Diagnosis of oral cancer, cysts and tumors
  • Pathology tests including hematological investigations, cytology, FNAC