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List of Faculty

Dr. Name Designation
Dr. Ashish Choudhary, (MDS) Professor and HOD
Dr. Piyali Poddar, (MDS) Reader

Message from HOD

Public Health Dentistry is a branch of specialization in dentistry, which focuses on the overall oral health of the community and plays a major role in disease surveillance screening, policy making, tobacco cessation counseling, planning and evaluation of national health programs, biostatistics and research, especially in study designs etc. The branch also deals with preventive and curative services for individual patients and promotion of better oral health for community at large. This sector has a different role as a provider of comprehensive public care for dentists in society. Due to a lack of awareness about oral health and hygiene, the distribution of dental facilities, especially in rural areas, Public Health Dental Services is a major field. The subject of Public Health Dentistry is of vital importance to the undergraduates students to enable them to participate in multi-disciplinary dental public health research, policy making and oral health programme planning and execution.

The department is entirely equipped for carrying out all kinds of public oral health programs. It is engaged in research activities along with frequent out-reach activities and oral health education programs in various institutions, community halls, public and private sector undertakings in rural as well as urban areas. outreach activities include, camps, school oral health program. The department has a tobacco cessation counseling center which has proved to be a very effective way of health intervention to reduce the impact of smoked and smokeless tobacco use. It also has a full – fledged dental health education museum, where opd patients are educated on a regular basis.

List of treatment and training offered

  • Multi-disciplinary dental public health research
  • Oral health education programs in various institutions, primary Healthcare centers, community centers
  • Mobile dental van
  • Dedicated vehicle for field visits
  • Regular outreach activities like school dental health camps. School oral Health program and field visits
  • Tobacco cessation counseling center
  • Various important oral health related days celebrated in the department. World oral Health day, world aids day, national tooth brushing day, world no Tobacco day, oral hygiene day.
  • Patient oral health education, index recording for proper diagnosis and treatment outcome.