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List of Faculty

Dr. Name Designation
Dr. Megha Jain, MDS Professor and HOD
Dr. Varnana Kothuru, MDS Reader
Dr. Madhuparnee Chaudhury, MDS Reader
Dr. Abhik Sinha, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sankhya Ghosh, MDS Senior Lecturer
Dr. Nikhil Kumar, MDS Senior Lecturer

Message from HOD

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is concerned with prevention, interception and correction of malposition teeth and other abnormalities of the orofacial region. The word orthodontics is derived from the Greek word orthos meaning correct or straight and odontos meaning teeth.

This department deals with diagnosing, monitoring and treating facial growth-related issues and misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment manly consist of fixed, removable, and sometimes surgical intervention for correction of jaw anomalies which improves one’s self esteems and aesthetics. The benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond the apparent physical changes.

List of treatment and training offered

The orthopaedic and orthodontic problems treated in the department

  • Crowding  / spacing of teeth
  • Bi-maxillary protrusion (Forwardly placed teeth)
  • Anterior and posterior Crossbite
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite

Modes of treatment

  • Fixed orthodontic therapy
  • Removable orthodontic therapy
  • Myofunctional devices
  • Interceptive and preventive therapy